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 Who is Marlene Bloom?

Marlene Bloom is one of the founders of Baby Otter Swim School, Inc. With 30 years experience in swim instruction, Marlene is who developed the Turn, Kick, Reach program, or TKR. TKR is the core water survival skill taught at Baby Otter Swim School and is the only one of its kind in the country, especially for children so young. Download Marlene Bloom Full Bio

Who is Mindy York?

Mindy York is co-founder of Baby Otter Swim School, Inc. Twenty-one years ago, Mindy’s 17-month old daughter, Staci, was found at the bottom of a pool within seconds of Mindy turning away. If Mindy had not known CPR then, she admits that Staci would not be here today. Mindy enrolled the little one in Marlene’s program the next day. She was so impressed with it that she left her career and founded the school with Marlene. Her daughter, Staci, is now one of Baby Otter’s top instructors. Download Mindy York Full Bio

What is the Turn, Kick, Reach Program?

Turn, Kick, Reach is a method of water survival developed by Marlene Bloom almost 30 years ago. The program at Baby Otter Swim School lasts five consecutive days and teaches children what they need to know to save themselves if they happen to fall into water. The program teaches parents the proper way to practice with their child so the child will feel comfortable in the water with his/her parents. 

Aren’t all swimming lessons designed to teach children how to avoid drowning?

Absolutely not. Even children who know how to swim may panic if they fall into water unexpectedly. Not knowing what to do at that moment can be the difference between life and death. This is what is taught by the Turn, Kick, Reach method at Baby Otter Swim School.

Many other swimming programs teach children to get onto their backs if they fall into the water. This is not a natural position for anyone, and under duress, is especially difficult for a child to do.

Why should children learn the Turn, Kick, Reach method so young?

Drowning is the second leading cause of death for children under 14 in the United States. In California, Florida, and Arizona it is the first leading cause of death for children under five. The sooner a child is taught how to survive in the water, the safer he or she is from becoming a victim of accidental drowning. Baby Otter Swim School begins teaching children the TKR method as young as nine months.

Where is Baby Otter Swim School located?

Baby Otter Swim School is located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Parents from all over the United States travel to Florida just to enroll their children in Baby Otter Swim School's programs.

Is there more than one location?

As of now, no, but plans to expand the school are in the works through franchises.

What does the DVD “Is Your Child’s Life Worth Ten Minutes?” provide?

 This ten-minute DVD provides life-saving pool and home safety tips to parents. From not answering the phone while your child is in the pool to ignoring the door bell when your child is in the tub, this DVD’s message is essential. Learn more at www.BabyOtterSwimSchool.com or click on the image to the left.




Where can people purchase Baby Otter Swim products?

People can purchase Baby Otter Swim School educational and safety products by visiting the school, or online at www.BabyOtterSwimSchool.com.

If you have any other questions, please contact Michelle Tennant at 828-749-3200 or michelle@tennant.org.  

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