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Baby Otter Swim School's programs are designed for children as young as three months (with parent/guardian) to grown adults.


Turn, Kick, Reach (TKR) (Ages: 10 months and up) Turn, Kick, Reach is a five- consecutive-day program that teaches children, as young as ten months, what to do if they fall into the water. They learn to hold their breath and put their face in the water, swim to the steps and wall by kicking, and, MOST IMPORTANTLY, to turn around and swim back to where they fell into the water.

Otter Baby Infant Program (Ages: 3- to 9-months) The Otter Baby Infant Program is an introduction to the water with a parent or guardian. The baby becomes familiar with the pool steps and wall, and plays different water-safety games. This class meets once a week for eight weeks.

TKR Post-Grad (Ages: 2 years and up) TKR Post-Grad is a small group of children who have graduated from our Turn, Kick, Reach program. We extend the skills they learned in TKR, making them familiar with all parts of the pool. (The skills they learned in TKR are reinforced and expanded to include extending their distance swimming, learning to swim from person to person, and learning how to swim from steps to wall, and wall to steps.) TKR is a prerequisite for this class. This class meets one day per week for eight weeks.

Beginning Strokes (Ages: 2 years and up) Beginning Strokes has three levels. Level One is a private class that introduces arm-strokes, the log roll, diving for toys, floating, the proper way to jump into the pool and swimming on their backs. Level Two is a review of Level One and teaches the elementary back stroke and rhythmic breathing for freestyle swimming. Level Three is a review of Levels One and Two and teaches the breast stroke, side stroke, and survival techniques.This is a five-consecutive-day program and requires TKR as a prerequisite.

Beginning Strokes Post-Grad (Ages: All ages, depending on skill level) Swim Teams will compete against other franchise schools. Team participants will be evaluated by skill level and assigned to the appropriate team level. The swim team has practice sessions three or four times a week.

Ottercise Water Workout (Ages: Teens and up) Ottercise Water Workout is an exercise program designed to maximize aerobic and stretching results while minimizing the stress impact. The low impact routines are accompanied by music making it fun while you lose weight and get in shape. This class meets three or four days a week for eight weeks.

Baby Otter Swim School also offers water sports (volleyball, basketball) and adult classes as well.

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